Tai Chi Is Structured, Yet Endlessly Flexible

Ideal for seniors or people recovering from injury or health challenges, our Health and Wellness program designed to ease you into fitness and well-being because nothing is more important than your health. Improving your health requires a combination of nutrition and exercise, but it often requires knowledge, inspiration, and support too. The program fills in the gaps and provides newcomers with the experience and support to create a fit and balanced lifestyle.

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Tai chi is an internal Chinese martial art used for both defensive training and meditation. Tai-chi analysis mainly involves three aspects:

Health: Tai Chi's wellness teaching focuses on relieving the physical impact of stress on body and mind. Physical fitness is an essential step towards successful self-defense for those focused on Tai chi's martial application.

Meditation: The concentration and calm cultivated by Tai chi's meditative aspect seen as essential in preserving excellent health (in the sense of relieving stress) and applying it in the form of martial arts.

Martial art: Use tai chi as a method of self-defense is the test of student art comprehension. Tai chi is the study of the correct response to external forces, the study of yielding and sticking to an incoming attack instead of attempting to meet it with opposing force.